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Full Version: Monitor Calibration
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Hi all,

Quick question about monitor calibration. I just picked up an asus VN247H-P monitor ( and I am trying to calibrate it for colors and image (of which I have very limited experience and online guides for this monitor seem to be lacking)

Right now I have fiddled with the settings and things look "ok" but I am not really happy with it. A bit too dark and the white gives me a bit of a headache if I look at it too long. But, if I turn up the brightness the colors go washed out, if I try to up the saturation, colors go off color, and if I try to up the contrast I loose definition. I have also tried running the windows calibrate display color thing but no real luck.

Anyone have this monitor? Or any general suggestions?

Also, perhaps unrelated, when I played MWO on my old monitor (samsung SyncMaster 931BF @ 1280x1024 res) I was getting 90-110 FPS with an absolute minimum of 65-70. Now with this monitor I am getting avg 60-65ish with a minimum of 46. Does going up in resolution really slow down a PNY GTX 770 4GB that much?

i will admit that im not very good at color calibration, but i have used the calibration tool that comes with some monitors pretty good and others not so good. the biggest problem that i have it what i see on screen is lighter than the picture that i print out if i use the calibration. but if i adjust it manually it usually does a better job.

as far as your drop in fps, that's because you are now at a higher resolution than your old monitor and your fps will always go down(how much depends on the game and at what in game settings that you set). with the newest games coming out a setting on ultra with say 4xMSAA is pretty gpu demanding even at 1080p.
So I haven't been able to really get the monitor where I want it. :-( I could live with it but if I don't have to why should I? So thinking of returning it and getting either the Asus VG248QE or AOC G2460PQU. Does anyone have experience with either of these? Or have any other suggestions. I am looking for a good all round monitor with a focus on gaming but I would give up 144GHZ or drop to 2 or maybe even 3 ms if the picture quality and color representation was significantly better.
If you want a big jump in color rep, look into a monitor with an "IPS" panel. You should be able to find some in the same price-range if you give up 144GHz. It's not going to have the same low refresh, but I honestly can't tell the difference with my IPS panels.

As far as the performance hit, again, that makes sense. 1080p is almost double the pixels of 1280x1024. The easiest fix is lowering "Anti-Aliasing" (AA) in most games (AA basically reduces jagged lines in-between pixels). That's more subjective, but I'd rather lose that then effects, view distance, etc...
+1 on rapajez, IPS panels with gloss screen looks the best probably and seem to be easiest to calibrate. i know mhwals has one specifically for his photo editing/viewing and another monitor for general use.

they do have a little higher input lag but unless you are playing very fast first person shooters, then you wont probably be able to tell the difference.
I would love to go IPS but my main game at the moment is Mechwarrior Online which, while not super twitch focused like some first person shooters, is still a first person shooter. So a slower input lag could be pretty devastating. Hence why looking at the monitors I had highlighted or something similar.
Not always possible, but I suggest trying one out in person. It's really not that bad. TN panels will only get you so far. There's some other panel types out there, but they're pretty uncommon and usually expensive.

If you can notice the difference between 1-5ms (.005 seconds?) more power to you. I sure can't. I play Bioshock Infinite, LoL, and racing/flying games without issue.
5ms and below response time is what you want in a FPS monitor. some ips panels are in that range( a bit more expensive), but the ones you do not want are the 7, 8 and 14ms panels unless they employ trace free technology.

here is an asus one that is a pretty good panel for the money:

but you will need to go into settings and apply override, RTC.(it turns on trace free).

good luck