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Full Version: Steam Summer Sale June 19th-28th
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According to a bunch of different sources the Summer sale will be starting today. So I'm sure alot of newer people to steam might enjoy this.

Are you guys looking at any particular games? I myself am looking forward to collecting the summer trading cards, not so much buying games.

Metro Last Light
Grid Autosport (Which won't be on sale anyway)
Batman Arkham Origins (Regardless of the reviews)
Gone Home
Resident Evil (There are a few titles I want)

Game's go on sale so often that these large sales don't really get me excited, but I really want those summer trading cards.
A ton of indy-games, but those are usually $5 anyway.

Some AAA games I still haven't picked up are

Assassins Creed IV
Watch Dogs

You never know about Grid going on sale--even new releases can go 25% off in the big sales.I have Grid 2, but didn't like the lack of car upgrades and the interface in general. The actual racing was ok. Native Surround support. :/

How's Autosport looking?
Grid 2 and Dirt Showdown were both a huge disappointment to me. So far from watching gameplay footage it looks like it will be more similar the original Grid game. But Grid was never huge on car upgrades and car tuning, so we will see.
FYI, sale is crazy this year. Go forth and spend! I grabbed Planetary Annihilation for $15. It's an Early Access which I usually avoid. I barely have time to play finished games, so why bother paying for an "Alpha".

Anyway, I made an exception because it's the same creators of Supreme Commander. One of the most impressive RTS's of all time. The scale, and automation is still unmatched in modern RTS's. It's hard to go back after you play it. For instance, your mouse wheel can zoom from your individual tank to an entire continent. You can queue up an engineer to build 4 factors, while they're under contruction, you can give them a queue of vehicles to build when they're ready, while that's happening, you can order an air transport to move anything the factory builds to a forward position. So, yeah...

Planetary Annihilation takes it a step further, by having maps that include not just entire planets, but multiple planets, simultaneously, in one RTS match.

I just picked up BioShock trio for $10.19