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Full Version: Finding a GPU
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I'd like to buy a new GPU for my desktop my last one went bad. I'd like to spend anywhere from 70 to 120 dollars tops. I don't really wnat to invest too much in this thing. However, I would like it to support dual screen, I have a 22 inch monitor and a 19 inch monitor, and I'd like to use both. I want to be able to play pretty much any game on the market on mid to low settings.

I intend to play: L4D 2, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 3, League of Legends mainly. But i like the option of being able to play more intensive games, but I at least have to be able to run those and support two screens.

This is my Motherboard:

This was my OLD GPU:, (It had a PCI Express 2.0 x16 port)

My Power supply is: 750watt or 850watt and is a good brand Antec
Thanks All, it's been along time since I've posted here.Big Grin
the best video cards for your money was updated in March.

after the article was written, nVidia released the GTX 750 and GTX 750 ti cards so those might be an option.
What's the resolution of the monitor you'll be gaming on? That's makes a big difference. What are some of your other PC parts?

As far as multi-screens go, just about any modern GPU will have 2 or 3 outputs, and come with a couple adapters. You'll be fine with any of the recommendations.

I'd avoid the 750's, as their performance isn't as good in that price range. They're much more power efficient, but he already has an overkill PSU. Smile I don't think the article mentions the newer, AMD R7 260X either.

Either way, for $115, I'd get this 260X: . It's one of the cheapest cards with at least 2GB of memory, which will become important if you game at 1080p or higher. It's on sale at Newegg plus $10 rebate, and 2 free games with purchase.

If you can stretch, I'd go with the recommended R7 265 for $160ish. About 20-30% faster in some games, and the same deals at Newegg. Probably would get you from "low-mid" to "mid-high" in recent games at 1080p. Smile

If interested in more details, here's a comparison (mostly with details maxed out):
There is this deal:" It's made by MSI... it's a 128bit 750 Ti for 110 is that worth it? Is that better than the R7 265?
It depends on the game, and the resolution of your monitor. For the most part, the R7 265 linked above will beat up the 750 TI in everything. I'd still go with the R7 in that price range. The 750 TI does have much lower power consumption, but that shouldn't matter to you, unless you're short on power.

Here's a comparison for most modern games:
I bought the MSI before you replied, I'm comfortable with my purchase, but it seems it'll get the job done and hopefully last a few years for 110 dollars. I looked at the comparison you listed the R7 265 is definitely better on most games it's also a bit more expensive, but it does beat the R7 260.

The only concern I have now is that there is an ASUS 750 ti for 140, and I wonder how it compares to my MSI TI that i bought for 110 (after MiR). Did i make a mistake in terms of brand quality of gpu power?
1. MSI 750 ti

2. ASUS 750 ti

Thanks so much for you feed back btw, it's greatly appreciated.

Performance wise, both those 750 ti's will perform the roughly the same. The only real difference between the two is the cooler that is on it, and for a 750 Ti it doesn't really matter much.

Short: You should be happy with your purchase.
Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. I was just hoping I made a good deal at 110 dollars. Granted I have to do an annoying rebate but oh well; I've done'em before.