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Full Version: Time to upgrade?
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Longtime lurker, but have a question now that my computer is a few years old concerning upgrade:

Currently I have:
Processor: i5 2500k OC @4.5 ghz
Videocard: EVGA GTX580 (Fermi 1.5gb)
Memory: 4gb G skillz
HDD/SSD: 1TB wd/ 250gb Samsung(OS and some games)

I think my processor is fine especially over clocked but it may be time to add more memory and upgrade video card?

id definately add another 4gig memory kit.

upgrading the 580 is up to you, you are probably still seeing playable framerates on medium to high detail settings on most new games. but if you got the cash then there is no harm, matb's got a new, best gpu's for your money, on the home page, pick your poison. here is a link:
Are you running a 64 bit Operating System? With a 32 bit OS extra memory won't be recognized.
4GB is a no brainier. For the GPU, what monitor are you running with? You're probably fine for a while if it's 1080p or less.

If you do upgrade, you probably don't want to spend $250 on a card that will only get you a 10% performance boost. I'd compare it with modern cards here: . I'd say the GTX 770 or a well-cooled R9 290 would be the lowest to consider. Anything less, and you're probably in the not-worth-it range.

I'd personally just wait for the new series of cards launching at the end of the year. On the NVIDIA side, they're supposed to be able to offer the same performance as the 700 series, with 1/2 the power. That would imply that they could make cards with the same power but double the performance. I'm sure the Red Team will have a good counter by then as well.