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Full Version: games stopped
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Games that have been working just fine have now stopped working. All I get is a "please insert correct disc". I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. Other games are still working, but games like Nascar 2003, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Command & Conquer, and others have stopped. Why would a game that has been doing just fine suddenly stop when others keep going ??
Where did you purchase the games from?

Did you recently upgrade your OS, or change a piece of hardware?

Is it only games that require a "disk" that are failing? If so, it may be the drive. Can you perform other tasks with your DVD drive?
All the games were purchased from stores years ago. After I built this PC they worked fine with no issues.
The OS loaded was Windows 7 64 bit and the only upgrades and fixes came from MS auto-updates. The hardware is all from the original build. All my games require the disk. As for the DVD drive, It still works fine from burning to the games that are still working.
sounds like maybe those games have lost their activation/liscense key embedded in the load. id try uninstalling/reinstalling one of them and see if that fixes it, then do for the rest.

good luck
Yeah, that's weird they'd all have that issue at the same time.

This may sound random, but is your Windows time, date, and timezone information correct?
Funny you should ask about the time. I did notice a while back that the time was wrong by an hour. I thought it was odd the computer time was off but I just went in and corrected it. I will reinstall one of the games and let you know how it goes.
I tried to reinstall one of the games but the computer does not even see the disc in the drive, and it's a game that I have been playing since I built the PC.
I only brought up time, as it could cause weird issues with the licensing servers.

Hmmm...still seems like it could be DVD drive. It's possible those discs are just old, but unlikely they'd all fail at the same time. If you want to try a replacement, you can usually find deals for DVD drives on for $10-25. You could also pick up a USB drive for around the same price, but it will be slower.

As a work-around, some of those games may let you download an installer for free, if you still have the valid license keys. Might take a phone call, worst-case.

I know this doesn't help your current situation, but going forward, have you tried download-based services, like Steam or Origin? You can probably find most of those games for under $5, and there's no need to worry about discs. I know you want to get the stuff you already paid for working first, but just thought I'd throw that out there.
Thanks Rapajez, I will look into your suggestions. And yes, some of the games are old, like Nascar 2003 but it's still the best racing game out there. That is one game I will really miss if I can't find a way to get it working again.
Good luck. You may even be able to find a "legit" copy of Nascar 2003 online, that will let you use your own CD code. Probably hard to weed out from all the pirated copies.

If you want to get really crazy, there's software out there that will emulate a DVD drive. You dump ISO images of your current games onto your hard drive, and then you use the software to "mount" the DVD ISO you want to play to a virtual DVD drive. Windows just sees everything as a DVD with a disc in it.
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