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Full Version: AC4 $20 at amazon
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was free with an nVidia GPU recently, but this looked like a decent deal.
Bought! Thanks!

I never realized Amazon sold Steam games at discounts. I didn't want to bother with a 3RD online store (Steam + Origin), but if they just use Steam...

On a related note, can someone watch a 2-year-old for a couple months? Then I could try playing this game I just bought...

On another related note:

I hate it when developers force they're own gaming network on your when you're already purchasing a game through Steam. Like I really want to install Ubisoft's "Uplay" on my machine, Sign up for a Uplay account, connect it with Facebook, and let it run in the background along with Steam.

The only thing worse was "Games for Windows". Especially when they stopped supporting it, but still made you use it. My favorite feature was when I fired up Dawn of War on my PC, and it kicked my wife off of Netflix, on the Xbox in the living room. My 2nd favorite feature is when it would never connect, to let me play the game I just paid for.