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Full Version: Asrock FM2A88X-ITX Tip for SMA WiFi Antenna Cables
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This is about attaching the very tiny WiFi Antenna cables to an Asrock FM2 board.
These WiFi cards are found on other Boards as well, but I am doing a build using the ASROCK Board in the title.
First tip: These connectors are TIGHT! I tried pushing them on while the card was on the board. Don't do it.
Next tip: Take the card out. It is held in with ONE screw. Once you get it out you can very easily push these connectors on.
Next: Be vary careful to line the little tiny pins up before pressing.
Once they are pressed in they click a little bit.
Now put the card back in.
Point is: Don't follow the directions in the manual. They show pushing the connectors on with the card in the board.
Hope this helps somebody.