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Full Version: Appropriate tier-build question
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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums so my apologies in advance should I be posting in a wrong section.

I was browsing through the pc-building tier system for gaming pc's and would like to gain some knowledge on what tier is recommended for games like World of Warcraft and Dota 2, preferred playing, close to the, or on the highest settings as possible?

Unfortunately tier 4 is the max of coin I can spend at the moment, is it possible on tiers like 2 or 3? Or am I getting too much hopes up.

My pc that recently died was 5 yrs old and could play both of m pretty flawless, so im hoping a newer model is definitely capable of doing the same and preferably better.

Thank you for reading!
You posted in the wrong section, but don't worry about it one of the mods can move it.

To get back to your question, we need to know a little more information. What is the resolution of the monitor you plan to play these games on?
Hey and thanks for your response

Im sorry for posting in the wrong section.

Im just gonna be honest and say I know very little of further specifics (im really a newbie when it comes to pc's).
I have a 24 inch Asus VE248H monitor .. im guessing the matching resolution is 1920x1080
The tier 3 will last you much longer due to the better Processor, and it will leave room for you to upgrade the Video Card down the road if needed.
Thanks Brandonsr, really appreciate it!