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Full Version: Self Introduction!
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Salutations one and all!

I'm one of those guys who is WAY too busy to be on the computer. Here's a few of the many things I've done in the last 5 years:
Won a pie-eating contest in Madagascar
Skied the Swiss Alps with an Idaho farmer
Wrestled a gerbil to the ground in Hungary
Ate a living piece of rock candy in Hawaii
Did two push-ups... IN A ROW!!!
Beat Chuck Norris at... losing
drank some milk

... or maybe I've only done some of those, and maybe I am not too busy to be on the computer, otherwise I wouldn't be building a new one. Smile

I'm a newly-graduated mechanical engineer happily working at my favorite job (also my only job) as... (drum-roll) an engineer! (cymbal crash!) I've been planning on building my own computer since sophomore year and found this gem of a website during my initial research. I've been following the RSS feed since then waiting until I had the mulah to make all my dreams come true in a little box of blinking lights, whirring drives, and tiny transistors.

That time has now come, and I am PUMPED!!! Just ordered the parts today. Smile (shout-out to Rapajez who answered all my noob questions)

So, that's me... Jollyfalcon

PS: Sorry this post is a bit out there, I am just a tiny bit excited to be building this computer. Tongue My apologies.
Welcome to the forums. Looks like you're a busy man Tongue

Good luck with your build, hope to see pictures eventually Smile