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Full Version: New PC build boots to bios every time - Asus X79-Deluxe
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New system build with Asus X79-Deluxe - boots to the bios every time. Any idea why?

I also have a CPU fan error.

It boots to BIOS everytime because of the CPU fan error.

That error usually shows up when no fan is plugged in the CPU_fan header on the motherboard. Did you plug your CPU fan somewhere else? If yes, you can either plug it in the CPU_fan header on the motherboard (which is a good idea anyway, you can control it with an utility/from BIOS or set it to slow down/speed up automatically depending on the CPU temperature/CPU load.) or you can disable the CPU fan error in your BIOS, there should be an option for that somewhere.

Moved this thread to the troubleshooting forums.