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Full Version: possible second video card?
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Hello forums welcome to my mind!

I am new to building a high end PC and I want to build the tier 2, and I was.wondering if it is possible to throw in another video card with the tier 2?

Thanks all help appreciated!
It's possible if you upgrade the power supply and motherboard to support two video cards.

Would I recommend it? No, for multiple reasons:

1. The CPU would become the bottleneck. An Intel Core i5/i7 undeniably offers higher performance with multiple video card setups.
2. Games run more smoothly on a single video card, not all games performance scale well with multiple video cards, it depends very much on getting good, up to date drivers.
3. Two video cards put out a LOT of heat, you'll need more case fans for additional airflow and two video cards running next to each other usually get noisy, definitely more than a single video card.

Besides, unless you plan on playing at 2560 x 1600, 4K or on multiple screens, multiple video cards are overkill. For 1080p, a single powerful video card is the way to go.

If you want more performance, look at the Mainstream Gaming PCs or High-End Gaming PCs articles. Performance scales up with the Tiers and Tiers have parts that are well balanced, to avoid one part bottlenecking another part.
Awesome, I appreciate the feed back.

I didn't know that about the extra video card.

I am trying to build the tier 2 that was recommended in a article a little while Back and I'm trying to get the tier 2 but a little bit more upgraded.
To get higher performance than Tier 2, you can go with Tier 3 ( ) motherboard and CPU. Going with 8GB of RAM would be wise too.