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Full Version: Forum Rules
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No one likes rules, but they are required in order to keep some order on the forums.

Here are the rules:
  1. If you see someone breaking a rule please report the post or if it's in a profile or PM send a mod or an admin a PM.
  2. No cursing - Including misspelling that are done on purpose. We have users of all ages, so we're trying to keep the forums friendly.
  3. No spamming - Posting advertisements for your site, off-topic posts and non-helpful posts can all constitute as spam.
  4. No flaming - Hateful, racist or slanderous posts are considered flaming.
  5. No adult material - No nude or erotic material.
  6. No warez - No illegal files may be uploaded or linked to.
  7. No advertising your own website - You may not link to your own website for the sole purpose of getting traffic.
  8. No external links in signature, except for socializing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), gaming (e.g. "I'm user MathieuB on xyz server of WoW, come join me!") or if it's related to computers and is useful.
  9. External links to any website must not contain affiliate/referral codes. The website that you linked to must not contain affiliate links on the page that you linked to. Link to a website because it offers something of value!
  10. Must be English - Everything you say and everything in your profile must be said in English, with the exception of private messages.
Dimensions limits are 150 x 150 pixels. Size limit is 70kb.

Keep it reasonable, maximum of
4 lines long. Use smaller fonts (x-small is what I use) to fit more text.

To cut down on spam bots with signature spam links, there is a minimum of posts that are required before you can add a signature. The actual number will not be revealed, it's more than 1 but less than 10.

User Title:
Don't ask for one: They are given based on merit, your contributions to the forums and my mood Wink

If you have any questions regarding the rules send me a PM.

Disclaimer: The administration of Hardware Revolution reserves the rights to change the rules at any given time with no prior notice.