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Full Version: Newbie questions on tier 4
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So I want to build my first pc. My budget is $1000 so tier 4 looks like it is for me. Honestly I am having a bit of trouble reading the page with all the colors and tiers lol.

So to make sure I'm reading it right:
CPU: Intel I5-4670

Motherboard: ASRock H87M Pro4 LGA 1150 Intel H87
(I see this is some sort of micro board, is there a non micro version that would take up more space but perhaps save money?)

Ram: 8gigs, does brand matter? I seem to see Corsair everywhere.

Video: GTX 660 2g

Hard drives: Samsung ssd and Seagate hd

Optical Drive: If I go with the blue ray burner, do I also need the normal burner?

PSU: a 500w power supply

Are there limits to what case I can buy? Or will these parts fit in any case?
How will my computer get WIFI? Do I need a card? Where and what slot does it plug into?
Do I need any extra cables for the second hard drive and the optical drive?

Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan (So 1 fan in the front of the case should be enough?)

Sound: ASUS Xonar DGX PCI-E GX2.5 Audio Engine Sound Cards

Any help or suggestions would be great. I am not completely computer illiterate, but bear with me. Confirmation that those are the parts I'm looking for, and answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated, thanks sooo much.
CPU: Correct.

Motherboard: You can use the larger, ATX format "ASRock H87 Pro4" which costs $10 less. However, this will limit your case selection to only larger ATX format cases. If you use the "ASRock H87M Pro4", which is a Micro-ATX motherboard, you can use either the smaller Micro-ATX cases or the larger ATX cases.

RAM: You want to make sure to use "low-profile" RAM, that is RAM with no heatsinks or heatsinks that aren't too high, in order to be able to use the after-market CPU Cooler. Brand matters when it comes to reliability: Corsair, G.Skill, Mushkin, Kingston and Crucial are amongst the best. Buyers reviews are usually a good indication of reliability. Make sure that the voltage is 1.5V. 1.65v may damage the CPU. What I recommend in the article is usually the least expensive reliable and compatible RAM.

Hard drive/SSD: Correct. Make sure to get an additional SATA cable (see motherboard section for recommended cable) as you'll need three (Hard drive, SSD and optical drive) and the motherboard only includes two.

Optical Drive: Nope, the blu ray burner can read and burn CDs and DVDs as well.

PSU: Make sure to get the recommended one or a high quality PSU. Low-quality PSUs can cause stability issues, fail early and damage components in the process.

Cases: See what I said about motherboards.

Wifi: I recommend USB adapters as they take no space in the case and usually get better signals as you can choose in which USB port you plug it in. They often come with USB cord extensions to allow you to optimize their placement to get the best signal possible.

I already answered your question for the required additional SATA cable.

CPU Cooler and Sound card are good.

Hope this answers all your questions. Let us know if you have other questions.
Thanks so much.

Few more quick questions if you don't mind.
Say I wanted to go with a wifi card, it plugs into what? My motherboards pci-e slot?
What else could potentially go there that would make me want to use a USB wifi?

What exactly does a sound card do? Just makes the sound clearer or would you have no sound without one?

That cool master hyper is attached right ontop of the cpu correct? How about cooling everything else? Do cases come with fans in them already?

Thanks so much.
Yes, a wifi card would plug into a pci-e slot. Your sound card and video card also go in the pci-e slots. The recommendations for a USB wifi was for better reception, not to save a wifi slot so you could go that route if you wanted. It is good to leave space around heat producing cards for air flow.

A sound card will give you richer sound. Without a sound card, you would use the built in sound that is on the motherboard. The jacks will end up on the back of your case.

The cool master hyper does mount on top of the CPU and comes with the fans. It is designed to cool the CPU. Some CPU coolers might provide a little air to surrounding chips, but that isn't their design. The case fans are to provide air circulation to keep all the components cooler.
How is the i7-3770 compared to the i5-4670?
The i5 with the fan is only a little cheaper than the i7 and the i7 is 8mb compared to 6mb. Is it worth the extra 30$ for what I will gain?

Also instead of the h87 is it worth spending the extra money for something like

It has more slots, and thus more room for growth I can assume?

Also thanks for answering my questions, really appreciate it.
The major difference is that the i7-3770k is hyper-threaded and the i5-4670k is not. That means the i7 can execute two instruction threads per core making it act like 8 cores. Speed wise, they are very close. Another major difference is power consumption. The 3770 has a much higher wattage requirement than the 4670 resulting in higher power consumption.

If you stick with the 4670, the Z77 board will not work due to a different socket. The Z77 will pair with the 3770 and the Z87 will pair with the 4670.
Hum ok thanks. I like that the z77 has more ports and room for growth if I want to add on so I will try and get money for that I think. So that means I'll be going with the i7-3770 then I suppose lol.
(09-06-2013, 11:16 AM)Asuryan9 Wrote: [ -> ]Hum ok thanks. I like that the z77 has more ports and room for growth if I want to add on so I will try and get money for that I think. So that means I'll be going with the i7-3770 then I suppose lol.

You can find a Z87 board with more ports, but it will likely be higher priced than your original board. Many motherboard manufactures install additional controller chips to allow for more SATA or USB ports than the Intel provides.
Thanks so much. Decided to go with the i7-3770 and z77.
Trying to save a few bucks where I can, can I reuse my optical drive from my dell xps 8300 that died on me?
The 3770k is the top i7 ivy bridge CPU, so you will be pleased.
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