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Full Version: in a bind need help
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I've been reading through all these guides/forums for awhile now. This is my first time posting. I had a 6 year old computer a friend built on its last leg, so I started to purchase parts to build a new one. Well, two weeks after investing in an expensive motherboard and case my old computer pooped out. I thought ill just build a cheap computer to last until I get this 1500 dollar one built. Well after reading some forums I am now considering maybe buying not so expensive parts to finish my expensive investment and upgrading as I go. I just want some advice on what would be better. TLDR : computers broke, started an expensive build, finish it with cheap parts and upgrade or build a new cruddy one for now.

Parts I have so far
Mother board: asrock z77 professional atx lga1155
Case: antec p280 atx mid tower
CPU I planned on getting is Intel core I5-350k quad

I dunno what to do I have no tv or computer I'm typing on my phone
Thank you