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Full Version: First time pc build - Journal in progress - update 09/08!!!
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Prenote: I don't really expect people to read all this, but for those who do :p you'll get an extra cookie!

So I've decided that I will keep a sort of progress log of my first attempt at pc building. I have a very limited knowledge of electronics and thought it my be comical and possibly financially beneficial to my next of kin, should any unforeseen circumstances arise!

So here we are ladies and gentleman. As we take the first steps on a journey that may well leave us with more then planned for and with the potential for losing oneself along the way! So strap yourselves in as i take you amid the ravings of a pc building lunatic.

I've always been somewhat intrigued by the workings of the trusty desktop pc as a youngster, yet never ventured much farther then replacing the occasional worn out fan, or prodding at bits and pieces in the hopes to alleviate a malfunctioning monstrosity.

My childhood friend down the street always had access to the best gaming rigs growing up. Having an older brother in the industry meant the best in their household. The same could not be said about my residence unfortunately, not that I didn't rep the heck out of my sega mega drive and game boy pocket but when you're friends are talking about windows vista and you're still using a pentium 3 running '98, it lights a fire that can only be quenched with more tech!

I never really considered building a pc growing up. Reasoning I'd just screw it up anyways, I stuck to conventional gaming methods preferring the faithful Xbox to most other competing platforms. This was extremely satisfying for several years, hosting numerous gaming nights and spending more time then could be deemed as healthy massacring my school yard chums online. However, as more winters came to past, I found myself still wanting more. I had been bitten by the tech bug years before and still it's symptoms grew more noticeably with each coming year.

On a painstakingly slow Tuesday afternoon at work, I was engaged in my ritual Internet sesh. After stumbling upon a link to the HR forums, I soon found myself immersed in the budget pc build guide section. Never have I followed a pc build procedure so easily. Maybe this task deemed impossible by a younger more fool hearty version of myself was not so out of my reach after all!

Over the next few days I compiled the knowledge I found online with the magazines I was now reading at home, soaking up as much information about this ever growing hunger which was now building inside of me.

After talking to some you you online, I was able to put together a Rig which i was confident would not only be compatable hardware wise, but would also provide me with the power to play the games I wanted with the potential for possible upgrades in the future!

After browsing an online pc store referred by a friend, I compiled a few lists of the parts I needed to complete my gaming machine. As easy as it was to establish the parts I needed, the same could not be said about accruing the funds to put my plans into action. As a full time student and part time telemarketer, you can just imagine how much spare change i have floating around! With that said, I am slowly moving in the right direction having placed my first order of goodies which should be sitting outsider door tomorrow Big Grin
Parts arriving tomorrow:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4570

MoBo: ASRock B85M-PRO4 Motherboard

Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 OC with METRO

PSU: Silverstone Strider 500W ST50F-ES

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!!
Looking forward to it and I read it all.
LOL! I did happen to read it all.

Good luck! don't forget to post pics =)

[Image: 2qvz3he.jpg]

It's arrived, it's arrived! And it's a baby girl haha (:

Now I hope you guys are excited about this as I am, as I'm posting this once again from my iPhone, and if any of you have been foolish enough to try such a task yourself in the past, you probably understand just how long and arduous a task it really is!!

[Image: nl2zq8.jpg]

I can honestly say that I am quite relieved that the package arrived today safe and sound, and as the picture portrays, in quite suitably protective packaging at that. I was somewhat nervous today having realized too late in the process that I had not actually checked the box online asking if i wanted to purchase insurance for a few extra bob.. And also realizing that my family nor I would be present during most of the day to accept delivery.. And that the closest shipping Depo is well over 2 hours away... Lets just say that I was on tender hooks!

Finishing for the day and coming home from work didn't alleviate the stress any further, after noticing that no calling card had been left behind by a would be 'delivery' man!! "Was it delivered?" "Did the card blow away?" "What would I even do if they messed up my order having no issuance to fall back on".. Horrible horrible thoughts running through my mind for what seemed like an eternity.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours and finally, right when I was about to lose all faith in myself and humanity as a whole, I heard the doorbell. Oh glorious green sleeves! As i heard the familiar melody i felt waves of calm wash over me, soothing the now slowly receding madness which was bubbling up like a kettle reaching boil.

I happily signed for the package and then proceeded to open it up. After inspecting in turn each of the different components as carefully as a collector might examine a particularly interesting piece, I wrapped them back up as before and stored them away safely until further parts arrive and the build process can truly begin!

Anyways, here's a photo of my goodies so far. I just ordered my case, ram and hdd, should be here in a few days time so stay tuned!!

[Image: 29o0efb.jpg]
Nice! Thanks for keeping us posted. I agree about posting from an iPhone.
"Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours and finally, right when I was about to lose all faith in myself and humanity as a whole, I heard the doorbell."

LOL, I know that feeling Big Grin Same goes with posting from a smartphone. So much slower than a good keyboard.

Looking forward to seeing your build completed and running Smile
Haha thanks for the replys so far guys Smile hopefully have the next installment up by the end of the week haha
Prenote: Ok, first of all i would like to apologize not only for the quality of these iphone pictures, but also for their sideways tendancies!


So there i was once again, marking time at work, struggling with mixed feelings of overwhelming inescapable boredom, and excitement for the day to draw to an end. Minutes earlier my mobile had been buzzing with a message from my sister informing me that she had signed for my PC parts which where now sitting in our living room!

[Image: 2gudu0m.jpg]

After checking the time on atleast 200 different occasions it was finally time for me to check out! I rushed home and was greeted with that little beauty. It honestly took about 40 minutes to get it all unwrapped and nearly all of my patience. Dead set, this thing was bubble wrapped, then taped, then plastic wrapped and vacuum sealed then taped and plastic wrapped then taped haha.

Needless to say, i managed to disect the beast and tear apart its insides haha. My newest components included the CoolerMaster 430, RipJaws 8gb Ram and my 1TB Western Dig HDD.

[Image: 2wmq92v.jpg]

After clearing some room for my workspace i began to get to work in assembling the new rig. Now you'll have to forgive me, along the way i near forgot to snap any pictures at all getting so carried away with building this little monster.

After carefully getting my CPU in place and swinging shut the little metal brace i proceed to click in my stock CPU cooler and then plug in my fan.

[Image: iwp6pg.jpg]

Following the build guide like some sort of neurotic perfectionist, naturally it was the ram which came next. Minutes later and the JipJaws 8gb's where settled amongst the circuits like long lost friends.

[Image: 2887gup.jpg]

Not wanting to install all my parts inside my case only to discover a hardware fault, i decided to do a quick test boot on the bench before i got to bolting down the hatches. First things first though, time to wack in the video card temporarily!

[Image: 16gjw9y.jpg]

After some extensive searching of the Mobo manual i managed to get my components pluged in to my power supply. One quick reference back to the build guide on starting a system without a power button and i was ready to kick it over. After shorting the power and ground i was greeted by a beautiful sight Smile

[Image: 9jhdmd.jpg]

After a few violent fist pumps and a quick toke of my victory pipe, i was ready to start unplugging this spaghetti mess and slowly begin to install it all into my new case! This may not look like much, but actually involved close to an hour of twisting and tying and unplugging and repositioning. I was pretty satisfyed with the final result untill i realised i still have a SSD and an optical drive to install over the next week or so. Ah well, shit happens when you party sideways!

[Image: vwu90w.jpg]

All you i have left to do is plug it in and im good to go right? Not if you're anything like me! First you have to plug the HDMI cable into the Stock HDMI slot instead of the video card slot and get no signal on your monitor. Next you'll want to panick and start stressing and keep reseting your system and monitor to no avail. Then you'll want to start tearing apart the house for different HDMI cables to try them all inturn and when that fails, pull apart your rig and then put it back together again. Finally, you're going to go into a state of complete panick and dispair to the point where you begin cursing all those who have wronged you in some way, right before you realise the silly mistake which you remedy immediately while laughing like a deranged mad man.

[Image: 2z5lslz.jpg]

Prettyyyyy. Had to move the front mounted fan to the side window of my case simply because the fan cable wasn't long enough to reach the motherboard.. Pretty silly design flaw which forces me to have to unplug the fan and then plug back in everytime i open the case but eh! She's pretty much done now and i have to say im stoked as!

[Image: 1448fub.jpg]

Well ladies and gentleman, thus concludes the main part of my PC build! Don't despair however, there is still a few little elements yet to be included and an entry or two left to come so stay tuned!
Good job! Thanks for the informative update.
Way to go Smile
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