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Full Version: Steam Summer Sale Going on now! Ends July 22nd
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Hey all,

Very good deals on steam right now. Tomb Raider is like 75% off as the daily deal and fun Indy game that I like called FTL. Witcher 2 is on there as well for 75% off too, so great pickup if you don't already own it.

They also had other big titles like Bioshock Infinity at 50% off yesterday but guess they'll have it again for the close.

Happy shopping!
Gah. I refuse to buy any games. I have over 100 on there and I never play any of them.

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(07-13-2013, 06:24 PM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]Gah. I refuse to buy any games. I have over 100 on there and I never play any of them.

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Haha Phrosty, when has owning games been a requirement that you play them all? Big Grin

It's exactly the same as having a bookshelf "back in the day" full of books you've never read. Most games on storyline play through take about as long as a good book (even if the game isn't necessarily good). So why not just add a few titles to your virtual shelf?

Or start cracking on that 100, and tell which ones are worth it so others can buy them. Tongue

P.S. Felt I should note for those not familar.. it's not only for games... quite a few deals on DLCs for popular games as well. So more content for games you may actually play... and it's exactly how I go about getting DLCs now. Always wait for sales like this as I know they are semi regular.
I havent bought anything yet, but I really want that summer badge. Sad

Tomb raider for 12.50 is very tempting.

EDIT: I bought it.

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I bought the extra stuff for civilization 5. Well except the new thing that just came out.

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Yeah I broke down and bought tomb raider too.
Last 20+ hours left!
Walking Dead, Tomb Raider, Torchlight, Civ V, Chivalry ... 75% off
Borderlands 2, Dishonored... 66% off
Bioshock Infinite... 50% off
Skyrim Legendary Edition, Kerbal Space Program ... 40% off.

Last chance to regret purchasing too many games... Smile
Is it just me or was anyone else somewhat unimpressed by this year's summer sale? I felt like last year was much better, but that may have been because that was when I was building my computer and excited about buying games. Thoughts?
If a sale goes by and I don't spend so much money my wife gets mad, then I feel it was a failure. All I got was the gold pack for civilization 5. I was extremely unimpressed by this summer sale. So no its not just you.

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Agreed. It wasn't the best sale ever. However for me I had like 7 games to my name since I built my rig here. And it was an opportunity to bump that into double digits with games that I had an interest. I didn't buy because the deals were spectacular, but maybe that's what steam was counting on to begin with.