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Full Version: Decent Mid to large size case
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Im kinda in the market for a new computer case, being that im using my friend's old case that he gave me. Its a mid size cool master case, but im looking for something bigger. My friend actually bought the antec 300, which i kinda like. Anyone have any suggestions on a new case? I mainly want some room if i deiced to crossfire graphics cards in the future, plus good airflow.
What's your budget range?
Basically around $150 is the most i could see my self spending, maybe a little less. I just want a good case thats not to heavy to move and doesn't collect a done of dust.
Mathieu did an article on cases. Best case for the money. I am going with the Cooler Master HAF 932 since its down to $90. I went to my local Microcenter today to take a look at them and it is one large roomy case. You may not want one so big, but for that price, and all the great things I have heard about it, I couldn't say no to it.
I personally really like the look of the NZXT Phantom, but maybe that's just me. Check it out.
I'm getting a CM HAF 932 too. You just can't beat the massive size, and the huge fans. It's not the nicest case around, but for the features, and it's current price its pretty much unbeatable IMHO.

Also, when buying a case, don't rely on the description to tell you how big it is e.g. Mid-Tower; Full-Tower. When I was looking around, I noticed a couple mid-towers were only a half inch or so smaller then the HAF 932 despite calling themselves mid-towers. So watch out for that, if you have size constraints.

If you haven't read this, make sure to:
The Best Computer Cases For Your Money: Featuring 114 Cases!

The Cooler Master HAF 922 is also a great choice, 2 x 200mm + 1 x 120mm fans, 19.2 lbs, $90

If you want a really light-weight case, look into aluminum cases, since aluminum is lighter than steel. The LIAN LI PC-8N would be a good example, with 2 x 120mm fans and a mere 10.23lbs, for $100.

Antec 1200 is only $95, one sweet deal.
Newegg screwed the Case buyer today. All back at regular price. Now I have to think about my purchase... Sad
(11-29-2010, 11:59 AM)Perrywinkle Wrote: [ -> ]Newegg screwed the Case buyer today. All back at regular price. Now I have to think about my purchase... Sad

This one is my choice and is still at the same price as yesterday:
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