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Full Version: Dragons Prophet
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Has anybody tried this at all. I heard about it from a guy at work and he said he was going to try it tonight. I am currently downloading it right now. Here is the link for the site. It is free to play MMO
I don't think I can do free to play MMO's anymore. They all end up falling in the same category of grinder-fest and start to look the same.
Yeah, I played for all of 15 minutes and realized that my poor laptop cannot even remotely play this game on lowest settings.
What are you doing with a laptop?! We're about building our own mean-lean-demon killing machines that can handle anything you throw at them.. literally. Mine can take a Pineapple to the stomach no problem. The fans blend it up for me into a nice smoothie.
Wanna pay for all the stuff so I can build one? Lol

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