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Hi all. I've been checking this website for over a year now, waiting for my computer to die so I can build a new one, but it just won't die. It's getting there though. Anyway, I will probably ask some n00bish questions one of these days when that happens, so thanks in advance for any help you guys give me. I appreciate this website... when I put together the computer I'm using now 7.5 years ago, I had to look around several different sites that are similar to this, but they were not nearly as easy for me to use or as regularly updated as this one, so thanks to the maintainer for this.

Off topic wise, I like to play roguelikes. Games like Angband, Nethack and my current favorite, Sil. I've been playing Path of Exile lately as my rig can barely handle it and it's a fun time sink. I can't play D3, so that gives a little bit of a benchmark for my current rig. It's Amd643500+, 7800GT, 2Gram.
Cheers, welcome to the forums! Good luck killing your old PC Tongue
Welcome aboard Sir!
Welcome to the forums Smile. I can assure you that going from your current rig to a new one is lets just say night and day is not even close to how drastic the change will be Smile. Feel free to ask all the "Noobish" questions you want, that's what this site is for Wink

edit - as a side note, I have been playing path of exile for a week or two and I love it way more than I enjoyed Diablo 3. That's coming from somebody that was a massive d2 fanboy and even bought the collectors edition for d3 the day it came out.
Welcome to HR, glad to have ya!
Cool, thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah, Path of Exile... lots of fun. It is helping me fry my computer that's for sure. The poor thing breaks its back to let me play it... you can see the steam pouring out of the sides. I thought I was doing good, but then I watched some Kripparian videos on youtube and realized my character is total crap. Oh well... still having fun anyway.