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Full Version: Path of Exile
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ANybody else planning on playing. I have super high hopes for it. I am currently downloading it right now. I here it's the game that d3 should have been.

edit - I suppose I could include a link. They are having open beta right now.
Been there, played it even before it went open beta. I consider it more boring than Diablo 3 but better looking. I still choose D3 over the gameplay.. and since I'm a Diablo fan since the first one in 1996. I think it's Diablo taken into a WoW twist, but at least the gameplay is solid enough for me to come back to it. Even beats Torchlight 2 in my opinion, I grew bored of it very quickly.
It looks pretty good. Once you start playing it Phrosty let me know how you like it. Definitely is something I would be very interested in.
So far so good. The skills and gem style is very very different than what I am used to. I find it pretty enjoyable but overwhelming at the same time.
I went to create an account and it turns out i already have oneHuh. Going to give it a try tonight.
I had it a long time ago (over a year ago) in closed beta. And I didn't like it that much at the time.

I just started it again and I like it a lot. They do a giant skill grid-style skill/stat system like FFX I believe.

I also enjoyed torchlight 2 but kinda stopped it.
I'll have to give this a shot as well.
Ditto. Never bought Torchlight 2 or Diablo 3 even though I'm sure I'd love them so I'll definitely have to try out a free game similar to both.
If you decide to start to play add me, I am iPhrosty
I started to play this morning a bit, I'm only level 5 or something I think. Not sure what class I want to play yet, I started the ninja/assassin/? one I think.

I like how its going so far though, I'll add you tonight. Anyone else feel free to add me, ApexBoost.
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