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Full Version: Steam Holiday sale purchases
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So I figured I might as well let you all know what purchases I have made so far. I am sure that I will make some more too. Feel free to share yours.

FEAR Complete Pack (ROW)
13.71 USD
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
11.24 USD
Torchlight II
9.99 USD
Nice choices Smile

EDIT: I picked up the stalker bundle and clear sky.
I have a $50 gift card to Steam so if anyone has any recommendations for any quality games during this holiday sale, I'd appreciate them.
I miss the doom bfg edition sale. It was on sale yesterday and I totally forgot to pick it up.
I ended up getting Torchlight 2. It's pretty fun, got a nice feel to it.
What class are you playing? I feel so indecisive when it play it. It am always panicking about if it messed up my skills.

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Yea, but it brings back that awesome feeling of Diablo 2. And you might have to replay something.

I'm a beserker going with 2 claws with the idea of going towards crits and fast attack speed with lifesteal.

I've also looked at the engineer for doing a shield bash build.

My account is Pineapple (i think).
I don't have you on steam lol. Add me if you can lol. phrostbitez

I also picked up hearthfire dlc for skyrim.
Just bought some games.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. really excited to play this.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. One of my most played games growing up.

Also thank you Phrosty for the skyrim dlc =)
I also decided to snag the Duels of the Planeswalkers magic game. It finally went on sale for half off.

I've been on a magic cards high and needed to get my fix in. Although it's weird playing it when I already know how to play.