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Full Version: IEEE1394 connection to Biostar mobo
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I'm building my first computer this weekend and am wiring everything in. I have a HAF 932 case and am using a Biostar TZ77XE3 mobo. One of the cables coming from the top of the case is labeled "1394". I'm assuming this is the firewire connection. I can't find where to plug it into the Biostar mobo. There is a header on the board labeled "J_COM1" but the pins don't seem to match the 1394 cable. Any help would be much appreciated! My video card arrives tomorrow and my build will be complete!!
I think I found the answer. This mobo does not have a FireWire connection. I'll just tie that cable off.
You can get an add on card to get internal FireWire.
Thanks for the info. Is there a card with a header which will allow me to plug in the IEEE1394 cable so the firewire port on the front of the case is active?
I have the following card in my system to add external ports, but it also has an internal port. Your case probably has a different connection than the below card.

If it has a connection that needs a pin connection, then the next card should work.
Thank you very much!! I don't use Firewire much.....usually only to connect my iPad to sync to iTunes so one active port on the front is all I need. The second board looks like it will do the trick.