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Full Version: WOW! Great Humble Bundle!
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Metro 2033
Red Faction
Company of Heroes + addons

For however you want to pay!

and Saints Row if you pay above average!

Holy cow!

Metro 2033: I'm not a fan of FPS, but this is easily my favorite of all time.
You beat me to it, amazing deal!

Just a note: this bundle isn't like the rest of the Humble Bundles in that these are Windows only versions and they do require Steam activation.
I am actually mad about this bundle. Sorry but I am. Thq is not an indie company and despite there financial troubles I feel like this bundle does not coincide with the way the system is.

Side note I am still going to get the bundle.... lol
Yeah, I've been seeing alot of backlash about the fact that they aren't indie games, require DRM/Steam and are Windows only versions. What Humble Bundle has done in the past has helped encourage DRM free distribution and availability across platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android).

I give this a bit of a pass though, considering THQ's financial situation. If this can help keep a publisher afloat, I'm completely ok with it. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of the typical bundles in the future though, which is great.
It should only be indie games, they shouldnt have agreed to do this. With that said I love THQ. Metro 2033 was amazing. Im super excited for the new one. I'm willing to help them out.

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Yea i saw this also and it seemed like a great deal, although not interested in any of the games.

THQ is close to going out of business?
Dang you all. Smile

Although can't say I've been eyeing any of these games (other than Saints Row, which in an of itself is more than worth $5 or so), it's never a bad idea to have a bunch of games for a rainy day... or several.