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Full Version: Windows 7
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I have a couple keys for windows 7 but I don't have an install disc. anybody know what i could do? can i just use any windows 7 install disc?
I believe you can use any disc. I mean it could not hurt to just try. If it works then great, if it doesn't then you can go with the second option.

Option 2: You can locate an ISO of the correct windows that you need and burn to a disc using microsofts tool or you can use a tool to make a bootable flash drive.
The key is not stored on the install DVDs. When activating, your key is validated. You can use another DVD and not even use the key during installation by leaving the field blank and clicking next. You will need to enter the key during activation if not during installation. Limitations are that you can not use a key with a different version. In other words, you can not use the key from home premium version on the professional version.
again very helpful. thanks guys!