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Full Version: Finished my first build
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Cheers to everyone that answered any of my questions in the past and the many HR articles that helped me come to a decision on my choice of components. Took me five hours last night but very happy with the so far.

[Image: 2LzQHKzJIdc6rmh3YtSyik]

[Image: 51DeP33B3mwVGQDbDO0luw]

HAF X v2 case
Gigabyte Z77-UD5H mobo
i5 3570k cpu
8Gb XMS3 1.5v
NZXT Hale90
Sandisk Extreme 240Gb
Sony DVD Drive

Adding a 680 DirectCU II TOP and a Phantek cooler at the end of the month so it'll be a wee while till I'm totally done but 90% of the hard work is completed now. Cable management is better that I would have hoped for but annoyingly I couldn't route the additional cpu power lead behind the mobo and back in the top. Might pop the connectors at the bottom out and at least squeeze it behind the psu a bit better. The back is still a bit of a mess but I reckon some judicious use of cable ties will improve that no end.
Nicely done, congrats on the successful build! Enjoy Smile
Looks Great! The onboard graphics is pretty decent, so you should be able to play games on low settings before the new card arrives. And congrats on the successful build Smile
Cheers guys, i'm well chuffed i managed to do it, only moment of doubt was when I did the first bootup with just the cpu and ram installed. The LED display on the mobo started flashing up numbers and i totally panicked, switched it off and shakily read the manual to see what dire condition it was in. Found out the it's not just error codes it displays Smile

Made a mental note of that point for future.