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Full Version: Windows won't start up
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hey guys,

i have a question. when i shut down my computer yesterday it began to install an update. it must have been a big one because it took longer than usual for it to install. then i realized it had been trying to shut down for a while and since i thought it is past the installing phase i just turned my computer off assuming that the shut down was frozen.

when i tried to start the computer back up it would go to the "starting windows" phase and the Windows logo would appear and then it would just freeze. ive tried running the windows startup repair and after the progress bar loads up it just goes to black screen and nothing comes up. i am afraid something has gone wrong with windows.

my question is. what can i do to fix this? also, i am about to build a new computer. could i take the hard drive from this current one and use it on that one? that way i could at least save the files that i had on the hard drive. the only issue is that hard drive has this windows installed to it. the windows that currently won't start up. please help. thank you.
Why not reinstall windows?
Try booting up in safe mode (F8 at boot) and see if it comes up. If it does, tray a system restore to a previous date.

You could also boot from the original disk and reinstall Windows as suggested.