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Full Version: Humble Indie Bundle 6
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You guys know the drill, pay what you want for a set of great indie games and support charity at the same time. Steam keys and DRM free downloads available!

Games currently included:


Beat the average and get Dustforce as well.
YAY a bundle where I do not have them all already.
Yup, same here. I've heard great things about Torchlight so this was worth it just for that, especially with Torchlight 2 releasing tomorrow I believe.

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It's kinda weird to see Torchlight on there because it's not an Indie game. At least in my mind, unless the definition of Indie games has changed.
I expected ftl: faster than light. To be in this bundle. That game would have sweetened the pot.

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Yeah I was surprised to see torchlight as well. But I guess this is a good excuse for me to finally play it. Smile

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