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Full Version: Major Diablo 3 Updates
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Diablo has been a bit stale lately and a new patch that's coming out in a week or so 1.0.4 has some big changes coming with it.

One just released is updated legendary items shown here seems pretty amazing. Has me excited again.
Honestly, I will believe it when I see it.

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If they dropped like Uniques in D2 then yea this would be cool. But Legendaries are impossibly hard to find in D3 (to promote auction house use / value) so basically these items will only exist for sale. Many top level players have farmed for hundreds of hours and found maybe 1 or 2 Legendaries total, not even taking into consideration if they were the good ones.

I have a lot of negative feelings for D3 because it seems to me like every design decision was built around "Funnel people to the auction house where we can take a cut of the action." I played it for a few days and returned it. I installed D2 and have been enjoying that ever since! I realized the 10 year old game was just more fun for me personally.
Yea, I've actually found 3 uniques/legendaries myself which is pretty rare but of course they all sucked.

If this patch doesn't fix the major issues in a significant way, D3 is doomed.
Yeah I have found two and they were terrible. I rememebr d2, when you found a unique your heart skipped a beat Smile
Update today, XD gotta go to work all day...
Yea it's a huge list. Big improvements for the witch doctor.
Took me forever to read the list of changes lol

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Honestly, it seems too easy now that they weakened nearly all enemies and powered up most skills. I think the difficulty is fine. Just create a more rewarding feeling would of been nice.
Yea it did seem like they are dumbing it down a lot. It's hard to create that balance between creating a challenge that you need to work for with skills and gear, and having it so difficult people don't even want to bother.
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