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Full Version: Steam Summer Sales Starts Today!!
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Here is the link for anyone interested.
Nice, too bad the good games are always censored (for me). I really wanted to play Borderlands.
I wonder if anyone is still playing section 8 ...
Only game I have gotten is audiosurf

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I end up getting the Portal package. By the end I'm sure I'll have picked up a few more games.
I'm hoping dragon age goes on sale. But I doubt it.

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I also bought a game called sideways. It looks like a lot of fun.

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Any have Borderlands? Is it worth it for $5?
Oh yes it is. I think the GOTYE edition is marginally more expensive, but includes all the DLC.

Though another question. Does anyone have any experience with steam key trading? A friend told me I should get one of those gifted keys, cause they might be uncensored. Though I'm not sure if this is safe. I tried to search for an answer but there seems to be no conensus.
Shoot I purchased the normal edition before seeing the GOTy edition for only $2.50 more.
And I'm not sure about steam key trading. I'm not familiar with any censorship so I don't know how that would work and whether they would be uncensored or not.
Ah well, I just saw there are mods for it anyway. So maybe I don't have to get involved in that US / UK key gifting system. Big Grin
I've never thought I would pay such a sum for games again. damn.
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