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Full Version: Tribes Ascend and Blacklight Retribution on Steam
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Just wanted to let everyone know that these two games are on Steam. These are two of the best F2P FPS games out there at the moment in my opinion. If anyone ever wants to play, my steam user is mattr4569.
I haven't looked into but can you access your accounts from Tribes/Blacklight through Steam or do you have to start fresh?
I haven't checked into Blacklight Retribution since I am currently installing the game, but Tribes Ascend lets you access your account since you go to the main log in screen of Tribes and enter in your user and pass. I am assuming since Blacklight Retribution is similar, that you should also be able to access your previous account rather than starting fresh.
Blacklight Retribution overheated on my nettop Sad
Well I guess that means you just have to start you planned build sooner rather than later. Wink

(07-05-2012, 05:20 PM)ricky07652 Wrote: [ -> ]Blacklight Retribution overheated on my nettop Sad