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Full Version: How popular exactly is DOTA 2?
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I mean, I applied for the CBT, and I got invited. I've now got Dota 2 and Dota 2 Test in my library. Since my luck doesn't always shine on me, how common is it to find someone playing Dota 2, I mean, it's not released yet, right? Anyone here who plays Dota 2? AFAIK, I am under no NDA. At least none that I was notified of Smile
It's pretty popular, I have a copy of it. It can be fun, takes a little getting used to though.
Yeah, I checked Steam's statistics, and it was consistently in the top 3 most played games, at any given point in time. Looks like people are slowly getting of the old Counter Strike addiction. Wonder why that still is so popular though. I mean, here, in Georgia, there are 4.2 million people, so it's a pretty small country, and there are more than 1,800 servers of counter strike, and most of them are full all the time..
I am just starting to DOTA 2 as I got my Beta invite a few days ago. I definitely would play with you, especially if you happen to have any tips for a beginner. I play LoL but DOTA 2 is definitely a different game and requires some getting used to. My user is BladeMNight.
People take it to seriously for me. I played one game and I was constantly getting yelled at. Maybe if they had private games I could play with friends and learn

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They have a bot system similar to LoL to try out. But it's pretty damn difficult I've lost just as many playing bots.

If you played Dota 1 it helps a lot for knowing character skills and items.

I'm user Pineappley if anyone wants to play or has questions. I'm not a great player but I know what generally should happen Tongue.
I was getting lag at other servers, and at the European ones the Germans were screaming at every one. Felt like Hitler was sentencing me to death, and they abuse a lot.. Decided to play it later Angry
Depends on who you play with. I've been playing DOTA since the very very first version came out for Warcraft 3. Most people I grew up playing with were jerks and trash talked muched.

The community has certainly for the better but there are still many who take the game way too seriously especially on public games.
It is currently one of the most popular games on Steam. It is fun but a little difficult to play.
I have yet to play it. Been busy, but I will most likely jump in this weekend.

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