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Full Version: How popular exactly is DOTA 2?
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I started playing about a month ago, its a very steep learning curve but its an absolute blast once you start to understand how things work. Anyone wanting to play anytime, feel free to add me on Steam (ApexBoost).
I suck so hard at this game it's not even funny.
I am pretty awful too, my best suggestion is to play Lich. He's a pretty easy hero to learn and get used to alot of the mechanics in the game and some strategies. I think my Win/Loss is around 5-6 so far, I'm getting there.

Also, use the Halloween Diretide event to play around with different heros as its not as serious as a ranked match. Lets play this weekend sometime, we can do some bot matches if you want.
Sounds good to me. This weekend I am all about not leaving my house lol.

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I'm getting back into playing it a bit now that (I think) they have all the heroes added.

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They still don't have my favorite hero. Terrorblade. Played lots of games with him in Warcraft 3 and was undefeated.
Ah indeed. Honestly I didn't think they had them all, it seemed too small, but I couldn't think of any off the top of my head that they didn't have, and i was too lazy to do a comparison with dota 1.

Edit: I decided to look and there's about 5 strength/agility/intelligence heroes in dota 1 that aren't in 2. So about 15 total, and most of them are new ones to me since I stopped dota 1. Medusa and Bristleback are two missing that I remember enjoying back in the day.
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