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Full Version: Ghost Recon Online
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I signed up for the Beta for Ghost Recon Online and I was invited to the Closed Beta. They sent me two beta codes, one for myself and one for a friend. Since I don't know any friends who would want to play, I thought I would give the extra beta key to anyone that wants it. Just private message me and I'll send the key. I'm assuming this doesn't break any forum rules so I'm sorry if it does.Rolleyes
I applied for the beta just now figurin you already gave out the key lol
Yea you were about 20 minutes late...Hopefully you'll get an invite too. If you do post you user if you ever want to play together.
for sure....i even have a mumble server we could use really like to get in so i can make some videos and post them on my youtube...
Thanks mattSmile My GRO name is (Brandonsr) if you ever want to play.
No problem Brandon. My GRO user is BladeMNight.