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Full Version: Static Spark Sound
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I created my first rig not too long ago, and I've been noticing what I believe sounds like static electricity sparks coming from within my case. It's random and relatively infrequent, so I am unable to locate the source.

Is this something relatively common in first builds? What could be causing it, and what can I do?
Make sure the motherboard is properly grounded.
(06-15-2012, 11:40 AM)Brandonsr Wrote: [ -> ]Make sure the motherboard is properly grounded.

With the grounding studs that raise it from the case right? I was very careful with those when I installed it.

Make sure that unconnected power cables are not touching anything.

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Or it might be a cable touching a fan.
You could turn your PC on without the side panel and just take a look Wink