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Full Version: Fans and sound
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Hey guys,

I built a computer about a few months back thanks to you guys and its been runing like a beauty.

Only a few little issues that really get on my nerves.

Fans are always on high. They are loud. On my old computer, they are controlled by what I am doing. So if I was just browsing the net, it would be really low where I cant hear it, and if I was doing something graphic intensive it would go louder etc...
My new comp I built is just always on high and loud. At first you guys said that it was because I connected the fans straight to the power supply which was true but even after I connected all fans to the Mobo, it still dident adjust the speed of the fans automatically.

When I want to change between my headphones and sound from my monitor, I need to go to >start>search 'sound'>then change the default sound output. Again, in my old computer, it used to be automatic. When I connect my headphones, the sounds stops coming from the monitor and goes through the headphones and vice versa, all automatically.

Why are these happening?
I updated all the software and everything.

Any ideas?

Cheers HR!
two thoughts:
1) the fans are unable to be controlled by the Mobo or
2) perhaps you need to go into the settings for the motherboard- on the asus for example i can have different performance setting between quiet/low performance or high/high performance or a blend...

just my 2 cents...

No, the problem is that you are not using a 4-pin PWM fan. That is the fan that is controlled by the mobo.
For your second simply just happens. No solution.
1) Check your bios if fan control is enabled.
2) Check settings or re-install drivers.
Alternatively, you can get a fan controller to control all your fans.
(06-15-2012, 09:35 AM)MathieuB Wrote: [ -> ]Alternatively, you can get a fan controller to control all your fans.


I think this is the way to go in my opinion.
Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm gonna look into these and let you know.