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Full Version: Transfer Windows 7 Activation to new SSD?
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Hi all,

I recently built my first computer. I bought a SSD to house Windows and essential software and re-use my old hard drive for extra space. However, the Windows 7 I had is an upgrade version and I can't do a full install.

How can I transfer my Windows 7 activation from my old hard drive to the new SSD?

Thanks in advance.
If it is an OEM, you can't.
Could always call Microsoft and ask what to do. I have never tried so I am not sure. If they say no, then just beg. That works sometimes.

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Can't you use some cloning software to transfer everything? Mathieu has talked about it a few times.
You just re-install Windows on the SSD, it shouldn't be a problem. Changing a motherboard is usually when you need to call Microsoft to explain what you're doing.

Or as Pineapple suggested, use a cloning software.
OEM can be installed on another hard drive. Activation should not be a problem. Microsoft will compare your PC components to what they have in file. If it is a minor change like a hard drive, windows will usually activate. It would take a major change like the motherboard mentioned before to make OEM unable to activate.
Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your replies. Could you elaborate on the cloning software? I don't know what that is. Also, my SSD is 128GB and the old hard drive is storing way more than that -- is that a problem?

The version of Windows 7 is not OEM, it's a separate purchase which only allows for upgrading from Vista. It is not the "full version" so it does not allow for clean installs.

The whole computer, except for the optical drive and second hard drive, is new.
You can install the upgrade without installing Vista first.
(06-09-2012, 09:11 AM)mwhals Wrote: [ -> ]You can install the upgrade without installing Vista first.

But it's telling me that my product key does not work -- that it is only valid for upgrades, and not for clean installs.
I guess you'll have to install Vista first then.
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