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Full Version: Help New PC won't boot
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All the drives and fans power up but I get nothing on screen not even the bios. I tried switching my ram around in all the slots, clearing CMOS, and taking the cpu out and putting it back in.
I'm running an asrock mobo with the new h77 intel chipset
i5 3550
2x4G gskill ram
and no graphics card
Ok so I have it all out of the case and it still wont boot plugged and re plugged everything I have the battery out of the mobo now and I'm going to try again in a few minutes
Ok not booting still and I tried a different power supply too. I think I'm going to send the cpu and mobo back anyone have a second opinion?

The CPU is rarely the problem, it could be the motherboard.but for starters Did you turn the power supply on? Some times people forget to do that on a new build. Also taking a picture of the internals would help us to make sure everything is plugged in right

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