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Full Version: [split] Diablo 3 - Lets Smash Skullz
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Has Blizzard fixed most of the problems with the "always online" release fiasco? I'm considering buying this but I didn't know if I should wait awhile for the price to come down and a few patches to come out while Blizzard is streamlining everything.
I moved this from the other topic because it was very off topic. However, in regards to the "always online", that will never go away. It is to prevent piracy and is highly inconvenient. That said it won't go away sorry. Yeah there are bugs here and there but that is to be expected with a newly released game. As for all the talk about people getting booted off and not being able to connect, I have never had those problems.
Yea I knew that the "always online" was never going to change since that seems to be the trend for games now, but I had read a lot about how the release day was a big mess because of some many bugs, connection problems, etc. I'm glad to hear that it's getting fixed and that some lucky people didn't have any problems Wink
The only problem I have had is the auction house. They are constantly updating it with bug fixes so it feels like it is down more than it is up. However, everything else seems good Smile.
everygame that has come out recently,all i heard was bout bugs,and a mess up at an old gamer some of the first games i played online was quake,doom,redneck rampage and all that...but times have changed and the player base has change these days expect everything to be 100% and handed to them....they are sadly mistaken...its kinda like a double edge sword for devs...if they push a game back to work on the bugs,then kids complain it wont come out,its vaporware,or give up on it for somethin else that came out with bugs so they can complain bout that one lol (im ramblin while i edit a video /sigh) but i didnt buy D3....I never got into the first 2 (i was playin other games when they came out)