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Full Version: D3 impossible for barb in inferno
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Hey guys,

I have a lvl 60 Barb, good items, good life, damage, armor, resist, tried every combination of skills and still impossible to do anything in inferno. Does anyone else have this problem?
Well at this point I am not to inferno yet so I don't know. Sorry. Also inferno is supposed to be almost impossible. ;-) have you tried the d3 forums yet? See if other barbs have issues too?

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I have 3 other friends that are barbs 2 lvl 60 and 1 lvl 58 with items, stats similar to mine and they have problems in inferno. My other friends 3 lvl 60 Wizards and 2 witch doctors go through it like a breeze.
Yea I've read reports and forums where people are having real problems with the Barb in late hell/Inferno.
Here is a video of a solo barb killing azmodan on inferno.
(05-22-2012, 11:05 PM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]Here is a video of a solo barb killing azmodan on inferno.

What a pretty weapon he has there...