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Full Version: D3 XP
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Has anyone found any good explanation on gaining XP? obviously killing monsters gives you XP.

Just for example I have a level28 wizard. I restarted back in the begining again so I can use weaker armor but with increased magic find attributes and also +XP per kill around 30. So, I go and wipe out a bunch of monsters with my character that is way overkill for level on monsters being faced. XP does not increase at all except for special bonus such as killed 20 opponents in a single kill or finishing a quest. Shouldn't I also be getting the +30xp for each monster killed?
I'd assume that you're getting less/no XP because your character is way overkill vs the level of the monsters.
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What Mathieu said, its likely that since you are such a higher level compared to the monsters you are killing.
As per the other replies, those are correct. Also with the +xp items, at your level you need tens of thousands of xp to level. It will be hard to tell if they are truly helping, especially if you are such a higher level.