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Full Version: Tigerdirect Bundle
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This Bundle seems like a pretty good deal.
I calculated everything base on the price on, it adds up to $900+.

What do you think?
Three issues with it:
1- The power supply is garbage!
I would never recommend spending this much money to skimp on one of the most crucial part of your PC when it comes to stability and reliability.

2- It comes with a Core i5-3570K for overclocking, but no after-market CPU Cooler and a rubbish power supply, meaning that you won't be able to overclock much.

3- No dedicated sound card.

If you take Tier 3 of the Mainstream Gaming PCs ( ) and upgrade the CPU (+$19) and the video card ( +$56), you get a total cost of $920 for a much better PC, equipped with a solid power supply, a dedicated sound card and an after-market CPU Cooler.

No brainer if you ask me Wink
Thanks for pointing it out! Smile