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Full Version: Diablo 3 thread
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Just picked up the Diablo 3 collectors edition from gamestop. Pictures below Smile

[Image: 553516_3454254789508_1064946161_32999659...6956_n.jpg]
[Image: 534258_3454249549377_1064946161_32999656...8653_n.jpg]
[Image: 148930_3454248069340_1064946161_32999655...4994_n.jpg]
[Image: 531396_3454242309196_1064946161_32999649_92742634_n.jpg]
[Image: 539890_3454231628929_1064946161_32999647...2470_n.jpg]
[Image: 551138_3454256549552_1064946161_32999660...7836_n.jpg]

EDIT - Man this art book is AMAZING. Oh my gosh, I cannot read further into the book or watch the behind the scenes because it has spoiler stuff in it about the plot. So I am struggling on whether or not I should look at them or watch it.

edit 2 - After an hour and a half I was finally able to log in. I decided to go through and name one of each character, that way I have the names I wanted.

monk - Monk
Barbarian - Rage
Demon Hunter - Devil
Witch Doctor - Daemon
Sorcerer - Sorcerer

Edit again - I found out character names are not unique :-( I will spend my day at work trying to think of the perfect name now.
Yea character names are actually kinda useless right now, you will mostly see other people's battle-tag's which are also not unique and come with a # Smile. Should we get a thread going or use this one for everyone to post their names for a meet up?

Edit: Nevermind, the get together forum is more appropriate i will start one there.
I just put in a few hours as a Barbarian, and the game is awfully impressive. Of course it runs like a dream on my brand new rig but the gameplay itself is much improved since Diablo 2. They put a lot of effort into removing the annoying bits (identifying items in the field, picking up gold, relying on health potions in normal situations, etc). It's just much easier now to immerse yourself in the game and not the procedural elements of playing the game.

I also like the new Rune system -- it always bothered me playing D2 that you usually had 2-3 skills you maxed and used and everything else was worthless. The Runes let you spruce up your skills as you level up and also give you more customization for strategy.

There goes my free time for the next...I dunno, decade? Wink