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Full Version: Unreal Engine 4
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i just about spewed sweet tea all over my keyboard when i read this:
Wow. That's intense. I laughed at this line right here.
. We’re aiming very high, and the intended platforms this is aimed at haven’t even been announced."

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The article says High End Gaming is defined by consoles, PS3 and the 360, but I thought everyone is always complaining about dumbed down console ports?
what i thought was funny is that the epic ceo stated that the ultimate in graphics comes from the xbox or ps3 consoles in the whole game industry. yea, whatever, that would be half true if i only wanted to play in 720p or only get half the game for the same price. lol

i think we will see more of this hype since the announcement of a new xbox and ps consoles. they did the same thing a half dozen years ago when all the companies were updating their game engines for multicore/multithreading support. they all said the same thing, engine rewrites and upgrades was needed for the new ps3.