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Full Version: Programs wont start, is my HDD dying?
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This morning I logged into Windows and did the usual routine. Open prime95, Skype and Steam when I clicked on the Firefox Aurora button. It wouldn't start. Then I noticed a consistent clicking noise that didn't change speed. I tried opening Chess Titans, Microsoft Word, and Notepad, but they wouldn't open. The most problem I have with is Firefox. It was working perfect last night. Bear in mind this is my HTPC, a Lenovo Q700 with a Seagate Barracuda 1TB and a Intel E7500.
Have you done anything recently? Like installed a new program or something? The reason I ask is maybe it's a virus or something. I don't know, I would run a spyware tool and an antivirus and check. Then again you may not be able to get them to open.

Have you tried booting into safe mode and open applications?

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There are currently no viruses on my computer, and in Safe Mode evrything works fine but not in regular.
Hmm interesting. I wonder what would cause that. Then something must be running in the background in regular mode that not running in regular mode. This is so odd.
if it works in safemode and not in normal startup, then that points to a startup or services program trouble(or as phrosty suggested, possibly a piece of malware as they attack startup and services in the reg). that clicking sound was probably the hard drive stuck in a loop. the first thing i would do is perform a clean boot to see if any startup, services or malware programs are causing the trouble.

here is a link to microsoft cheat sheet if you have any trouble or dont know how to do a clean boot:

good luck
Thanks for the help, it turns out steam was using too much virtual memory, as it says in the error report, and all the applications other than steam did not have enough memory. Thanks everyone!
Glad you got it taken care of. :-)

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