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Full Version: Tribes: Ascend
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Anybody else play? For those who don't, its a free to play game from Hi Rez Studios. Its a very fast paced CTF game with customizable classes and alot to unlock/upgrade. Feel free to add me if you decide to give it a try, name is ApexBoost.


Gameplay Trailer:

Downloading it now.
Sweet, definitely do the skiing tutorial once its loaded up. It will help alot.
Man I remember playing Tribes way back. I've been waiting for this one to come out for awhile. Now I just need to build my comp so I can play it!!
I played this a bit in closed beta and it's quite fun (and frustrating at the same time). I too enjoyed Tribes 1 way back when and this is pretty much the only FPS I play.

I think my name is Pineappleleaf...
I believe my name is phrostbite on there. I am about to test it out and see if it runs lol.

edit - nvm I just ran it and it has more stuff to dl. I suppose I will wait a bit then while it does it's thing Wink

edit 2 -Ok so my mouse cursor never shows up but somehow I managed to get in game and everything is black. Well my characters is black and the ground is black but the sky is a blueish color. I am on low graphic settings though. When I pause my cursor won't show up and my character on the screen there is black too.

edit 3 - Ok I got it to work. I just did a repair file thingy and it fixed it Smile. Adding you guys on there.
I've been playing it since mid-beta and I love it. My name is PunkOfFunk. Hope to see you online!
only game i been playing lol

Freekish is my name lol
they are havin a double XP this weekend..started this morning woot
Yup, I'll be spreading my time between this and CS:GO all weekend!
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