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Full Version: The Witcher $9.99
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So I was browsing reddit and people were talking about how the witcher 2 is getting a massive dlc for free. So I figured I might as well start with number 1 before going to number two. It's on steam for 9.99, I figure this can occupy my time until diablo 3 comes out Wink
This has been on my list for a long time, I'll definitely be grabbing it and 2 once I get my build finished.
Apparently has it for 4.99 right now as well. :-)

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I bought it when i had a coupon. Still need to play itSmile i hear its an amazing game

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Well I am going to try and live stream it later this evening. Thats if I can even get it to run on my laptop. I really need to stop buying games I cannot even play lol.
Witcher 1 was my first purchase on steam since reinstalling it about a year ago. I had played through a bit of it on my laptop and it was choppy. Then stopped for a while, once i finish a few other games it'll be fun to start it up again on my desktop.
Wow, so get this. I try to play the game and I get an error that says "Warning minimum system requirements not met" then closes it. Cannot edit any settings, cannot do anything. Just nope, you cannot play.

edit - this topic helped me Smile
Hmm thats odd, I've never seen something like that before.

Does it run alright now that you got it running?
I have yet to start the game for the adventure. There seems to be two different paths path through the witcher storyline and some other path. I am not sure which I will choose.

edit - It says the official game guide is included. How do I access that?

edit 2 - nvm I found it Smile