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Full Version: Noob Question...
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So I built my gaming PC (signature below) and have 85gb from 120gb SSD and 460gb out of 500 HDD. I was wondering If I download Steam like Counter Strike, Crysis, Skyrim, Diablo 3, and HON will my PC slow down noticeably?

I have HON only installed right now, plan to install the games into my HDD
Unless you max out your SSD and have to start putting games (applications) on your HDD, you should not see a slow down.

If you do have to start putting applications on the HDD then those will load slower.

You should really consider putting the games on your SSD to improve load times. HDD is typically for document storage and overflow. You're wasting your SSD if it's just sitting there with 85GB free.
I have OS and about 10 games installed on my SSD and I have about 65GB free out of 128GB. 120 actual space though.
Just keep up to date garbage cleaning and your SSD shouldn't slow down.