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Full Version: Beat hazard
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So I won this game in a bet and I LOVE IT. Here is the steam link Wink

I love this game because i like the type of game it is, you know the space shooter style. I also like it because like most people I listen to music. Well with this game your game experience depends on what song you are listening too.

So once you click single player (there are multiplayer options and online play) you pick a song out of your library and it starts playing and the game loads. Then based on the beat the visuals change. It gets a little hard on the eyes after a while but you can turn down the "Visual Intensity".

Here is a person playing through fire and flames.

So if you end up getting it let me know. I am not sure how to connect directly but at least I would be able to talk about a great game with people Smile

I have the full complete pack. So I am not sure what the other game includes.
Looks interesting and mildly seizure inducing :p

I can see myself having fun with this, I'll keep an eye open to see if it ever goes on sale. If it does, I'll definitely nab it.
Yeah upon further review I have the complete pack. Because mine has ultra version. Yeah it's pretty fun Smile