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Full Version: COMS (clear button)
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I accidentaly hit the COMS button and my screens went blank and now all it says is to

"reboot and select proper boot device or Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

I have no idea what this mean I appreciate any help you can give
This means it now no longer knows which drive is your boot drive.

When you power on, hit F2, F11 or Del key (I believe) that will take you into your BIOS. Look for the boot section depending on which motherboard you have they are all a little different. And set the drive you installed windows on as the first in the boot order or priority.

Do you have both a SSD and HDD or just 1 drive?
yes I have both the ssd is the boot drive
I have the Asrock p67 E4G3 mobo

When I hit the
Del button it keeps giving me the message to reboot
Yea thats the same one I have. Del should take you to BIOS when you see the big gray screen and 4 button options listed. Lasts like 2 seconds. F11 should give you just the boot order, and if all your drives are recognized you just need to select the ssd.

I've sometimes had to go into the storage section under advanced and set the controller - bootable to Yes. Mine is marvell but there are other ones.
Yes!! that did it. I had to go to the storage section and make my solid state bootable. Everything came up good so Thank you so much.