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Full Version: Radeon HD 7950 3GB alternatives?
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Im wondering if theres a better crossfire build to replace the 7950, it cost almost $500.

i read online that two cards are more efficient when it comes to graphics.
such as the Radeon HD 6970 - whichs is now discontinued /out of stock on new egg. also costs $600 together

what would you recommend? should i get the 7950? (im sure it will last for a good while since it only came out january) or are there cheaper alternatives that cost less and more effective?

my build is intel i7 3820 w/ ASRock X79 Extreme6 LGA 2011 based. im using it mainly as a gamestation but also need it to work in video editing /graphics.

It's usually much better to work with a single graphics card that's more powerful than deal with CF or SLI. The Nvidia GTX 680 just came out recently which is the single best card on the market now. You could look into that if your looking for the best and cost isn't an issue. Although they appear to be out of stock everywhere right now.
The only reason I would go with a multi card rig is if you are running 3 plus monitors.